Thoughts from a Sunday Morning on Purpose

These random notes cover what I was thinking about at church Sunday morning. They were inspired by the worship and message, and resulted in me going up for prayer, though the actual topic (Parable of Soils, Luke 8 ) was only indirectly connected to the various issues I’ve been wrestling with. Click [Read More] to see some of my apothegmatic meditations.


The desire of God’s heart — His happiness —

* is to fulfill His purpose in Me
* as I fulfill my purpose in Him

Three Levels of Happiness

1. Avoid Pain
2. Pursue Pleasure
3. Fulfill Purpose

* Give people pleasure, and they’ll follow until it’s painful
* Take away people’s pain, and they’ll follow to the ends of the earth
* Heal people’s shame, and they’ll follow to the gates of Hell… and beyond


* Though I grieve our society’s deficiency of Law
* It is worth it to learn the sufficiency of Grace
* Rather than settling for the efficiency of Shame
* I can only take dominion for others if I receive it in myself.

Lord, may my Strength
never exceed
nor fall short
of my Wisdom