Days Passion by Kenneth James Sniecinski

“Days Passion”
by Kenneth James Sniecinski
Written June 20, Anno Domini 2005
that which can be
a cross section
of life
a dissection
intimately permeates
souls observant
of the radiance
LOVE rawly emits
Echoing into every day
all that breathes
That is not yet
again savage
given to incivility
etching out its existence
Rather than
consumed within
infinite numbers of particles
released photosynthetically
absorbed Supernaturally
Conceptualized Conscientously
so enjoying
rooted in
the zealousness of ADVOCACY
fighting apathy
by giving meaning
to being in and of
its presence
exuberantly depicting
the preciousness of life
so behold
Days Passion
Copyright © 2005 Kenneth J. Sniecinski
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The preceding poem was recently sent to me by my good friend Kenneth, a devout Christian brother who is cruelly imprisoned due to his human frailty, the callousness of our penal system, and the actions of malicious witnesses. Please pray for his physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as for justice and freedom.

Kenneth is currently hoping to be paroled on August 27, 2007. He will looking for a place to live, spiritual accountability, and employment: e.g., landscaping, cooking, painting, homecare. The ideal situation would be with a retired Christian couple in a semi-rural environment, perhaps in a ministry setting, probably somewhere in Los Angeles County with easy access to educational opportunities. Please let us know if you would like to meet, greet or help Kenneth.