Transformationally Born Again

To be transformationally Born Again
is to exchange the character, beliefs, and perceptions
we acquired from our family, culture & choices
for the Image of Christ
through experiencing
the nature of God the Father
and nurture of God the Spirit

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A couple months ago I found myself thinking about all the baggage I carried due to my family, culture, and background, and how it seemed to prevent me from living the ‘abundant’ Christian life. But I know that we’ll always have an imperfect view of God due to the earthly limitations of our humanity. Still, I just wished I could, well, start all over again knowing God as well as I do know.

Then I realized: maybe that is what Jesus meant when he said ‘ye must be born again.’ That is, he realizes that our birth in a particular time, place, and family consigns us to a particular character, lifestyle, and fate — or so it seems. But, the promise of the gospel is that we can be born ‘from above’ — we get a do-over, only this time with God as our Father. Our genetic disposition is overwritten by our position as Sons of God, and our external environment is supplemented by the internal environment of God’s Spirit. In other words, our inheritance in Christ can have an even *more* powerful impact on our identity than everything we inherited in the flesh.