Transformational Husbandry

The acid test of transformation is how it impacts our family relationships — none more so than that of a husband with his wife. The idea of husbandry, while not a popular term these days, spans everything from a farmer with his crops and cattle to Christ (or a pastor) husbanding his church. After wrestling with this issue all week, I finally feel like i’ve gotten a handle on “husbandry” [Read More] thanks to a sermon on the Fruits of the Spirit at our new church (

Transformational husbandry
glories in cultivating security, respect, and trust
through faithful nurture, hopeful naming, and loving partnership
to bring forth much fruit from the recipient
that she may live life to the full.

Three priorities: security, respect & trust
Three practices: nurture, naming & partnership
The point: bring forth fruit
The purpose: live life to the full