In Search of Real Manhood

Today I attended a men’s conference in Reno, Nevada. This passage from the speaker’s website summarizes it pretty well…

Gordon Dalbey:

Without Dad to confirm his manhood, the boy over-bonds with Mom, and later looks to women to define his destiny and save him from the crippling shame of fatherlessness. He’s afraid to get close to a woman, for fear she’ll discover his inadequacy and reject him. He’s afraid to get close to a man, for fear men will take advantage of his weakness. It’s hard for him to grasp a sense of calling or purpose in life.

Blaming Dad, who was himself abandoned by Grandad, only leaves a man alienated, bitter, and angry. Who can a man go to in order to get what he missed from Dad? Many of us have tried to get our masculinity from women, but it doesn’t work. But we can’t get it from other fatherless men, either.

When a man realizes that no human being can meet his need, he’s ready to get real at last and cry out for his true Father God.