Trumpet Call for Christian Transformation

The following is how Luis Bush (with a little help from yours truly) recently summarized his vision of pursuing global transformation, which grew out of his World Inquiry into missio Dei. This is probably all “draft” until formally ratified by delegates to a conference, but reflects the current best thinking.

[Draft as of August 19th, 2004]

God’s Call:
God is calling for servant-catalysts to bless the nations
together with the whole body of Christ
through personal and cultural transformation.

Our Response:
Our purpose is to motivate and network servant-catalysts worldwide
for personal and cultural transformation
in and through the whole Body of Christ
in the name of our Lord Jesus
by the power of the Holy Spirit
to the glory of God the Father
together blessing the nations.

This reflects my belief that there needs to be three aspects of transformation: personal, cultural, and structural. That is, personal change (mind, body, heart, soul) leads to cultural change (values, mores, norms, customs) which produces structural changes (institutions, systems, policies authorities) facilitating personal change. As well as the other way around! Many groups only focus on one or the other, and our honoring all three should be a powerful force for unity