Sex 301: The Other Guy


[Apologies for the Russian accent to any readers from Eastern Europe, but my subconscious was formed during the Cold War]

A dialogue between Earnest the Sinner and Lecher, the personification of addiction. Continued from Sex 207. Loving Life

Earnest: Yo, Lecher! Why you gotta do me like that?

Lecher: Hey Sinner, why you blaming me? You’re the one who called me up so you didn’t have to deal with The Other Guy.

E. What?

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Dream: Hospital Escape


“Ms. Clairborne, please remain seated. Do not leave your room. All hospital personnel have been alerted to your presence. Do not make this harder on yourself than necessary.”

Liz ignored the voice from speaker on the desk and finished getting dressed. She stepped over the male orderly who was sleeping soundly on the floor, a victim of the hypodermic he had intended to use on her.

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TGR-S4E3: Relational Practice


This week on The Great Reset our Biasta Janet re-uses the “Critical Community Protocol” to help the Biastes* evaluate a proposal for training us in healthier relational practices.

Can roleplaying make discipleship more therapeutic and healing?

Question: How can we all get better at actually loving each other the way Jesus does?


  • Use public roleplaying to
  • deliberately practice specific techniques
  • that simultaneously build autonomy, authenticity, and empathy
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