Sex 303: Yaga Math


Continued from Sex 302: Wordless Angst

Earnest, Lecher, and Ang trudge stolidly through a blizzard.
Well, mostly stolid.

Lecher: Are we there yet? I think something important is about to freeze and drop off.

Earnest: Is that all you think about? You don’t hear Ang complaining, do you?

They both stop and stare at the hulking, red-skinned Russian who is relentlessly plowing a path for them through the drifted snow.
As if sensing their gaze, he turns back and speaks.

Ang: No stop now. You stop, you die. Be strong. End is near.

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My One Thing: Keep Growing Closer to Jesus


Philippians 3:13 Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,

At this point in my Christian life my one aspiration is for all of us to Keep Growing Closer to Jesus (KGCJ), in terms of:

  • Love: Relationship with Jesus (Worship)
  • Likeness: Resemblance to Jesus (Character)
  • Living: Real-World Impact for Jesus (Mission)

Previously I had used the phrase “Loving More Like Jesus.” However — while I still agree with that goal in principle — in practice it was starting feel more like Law than Grace. Hence the shift from “loving like” to “growing closer”

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Joshua 3: Holy Shittim!



  • Why should the Israelites stay a kilometer behind the ark?
  • How does God exalt Joshua? To what end?
  • Where should priests keep the presence of God?
  • What is the connection between “relationship” and “results”?
  • What’s the secret to leading a large group on inconceivable adventures?

Read more to pursue answers in [Joshua 3]

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