5/2 Limericks: In Adequacy


The cause of our worst maladies
Is our deep insecurities
That cause us to chafe
At Law, to feel safe
From those who seem our enemies

The alternative remedy
Is finding true adequacy
By sharing Christ’s cross
We win from each loss
And turn our shame to His glory

Divorcing the War on Marriage


In the conservative Christian circles I live in, we often talk about the war on marriage: how the laws of our culture must uphold the biblical pattern against those who would seek to redefine it.

While that may be true, we seem to be ignoring a painful reality. The church lost that same war decades ago: on the issue of divorce. Maybe we should take the time to understand why before we make the same mistakes all over again.

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Limerick: Tempting Gifts


When we are still under Law
Temptation will stick in our craw
For if we give in
We know its a sin
But we can’t unsee what we saw

Yet when we are living by Grace
Temptation’s a whole ‘nother place
Our hunger for sin
Reveals what’s within
And makes us to seek out His Face