Dream: Gun Control


Owen Wilson and Ben Affleck are cops on a stakeout
This floor of the building
Is one giant room
Full of desks and bookshelves
Probably a college library

Ben is on administrative leave
Because he supposedly shot someone
For no good reason
Owen, his partner, is helping him prove his innocence
Ben’s fragmented memories
And other clues
Have led them here

This floor seems mostly deserted
I am the only other one there

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Stoned, Part II: Un-Stoned


Continued from “Three Stones“…

[I open my eyes. I am lying with my head on Jesus lap. I am a child, perhaps a tween. We are in a garden — beneath the cross. It is early morning, but already hot. A light mist blows from somewhere, cooling us. It is very peaceful and secure.  I could lie here forever with my Jesus.]

Good morning, Ernie.

Good morning, Jesus.

How are you feeling?

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