Diarogue: Seer, Wisdom


Continued from Adept, Wisdom

A serious-looking, raven-haired young woman with a sable cloak and green eyes enters the room.

Seer: Thena? My lady Thena, are you here?

Thena: [entering] Rogue, my dear child, how you have grown! Who are you today?

S. I hast followed thy advice and become a Seer. My life is devoted to seeing others as they are, not as I wish them. I can even see the invisible kingdom alongside the kingdoms of man.

T. Wonderful! I am so proud of you. But, why did you say this was my advice?

S. For sooth, that is the reason I sought thee out, for fear I hath misunderstood thy intent when last we met.

T. What did you think I meant?

S. I was an Adept strong in battle, yet thou shewed me fretful and vulnerable as ever I lost sight of my surroundings, or thee. I took this as a challenge to improve my vision.

T. That challenge was well-taken, dear child. But are you concerned you may have taken it too far?

S. Yea, verily. For I am now so besotten with every little detail, I know not whence to act. I see all sides of a conflict, and the Justice and Pain behind each, so that my heart is torn every which way and darest not choose sides.

T. Gentle Seer, I honor the pain you carry. While it was not my intent to place this great burden open you, yet I am so proud you took the narrow path until its bitter end.

S. But what good hath I done? Hast I not wasteth my life, if all I do is see and not act?

T. Seer, you surprise me! Do you truly
not see the great power of seeing?

S. Mistress, thou justly shamest me. I took such great pride in my vision that I thought I hath seen it all. Please forgive me.

T. Seer, I see your humility and honor you for it. I see the pure hunger that drove you to discipline your mind and body; and also the vanity and insecurity that both spurred you on and crippled you. I see your childlike curiosity, as well as your selfish desire for superior knowledge. Your longing to help, and your need for control. Your deep compassion — and subtle judging. Know that I see you, with all your glory and all your flaws, and love you all the more for both of them.

“Know that I see you, with all your glory and all your flaws, and love you all the more for both of them.”

Seer, overcome, kneels down and weeps. Thena reaches down and gently strokes her hair.

T. Seer, the power of seeing is the second of God’s Great Acts. The first is to Beget. The second is to Behold. No life is wasted if devoted to just one of these.

Seer rises. Thena hugs her fiercely, then holds her at arms length.

S. Mother, what shadow of trouble so darkens thy brow?

T. O, daughter!

Thena collapses. Seer kneels beside her.

S. Mother, what illness hath befallen thee?

T. No illness, child. But darkness. A darkness woven into my bones before the foundation of this word.

S. Is there no cure? Thou has taught me to seek so far, surely somewhere I mayest find thy succor?

T. No… but yes. Even Wisdom has its limits, child. Your instinct was right. To be a Seer is a great and agonizing call. But the one that comes after is much more of both. And that step… I cannot take with you.

S. No! Dearest mother, thou hast always been my sweetest friend. Let me abide with thee still, even if I must die with thee.

T. O my darling Rogue, how tempted I am to spare you the bitter cup that awaits. But such decisions are not for me to make. I am not worthy to choose the time and place of my own death, much less yours.

Thena seems to have aged a century. She lies back on the ground.

T. Come close to me, child. There is but one path left, if you would save my life and fulfill your destiny.

Seer grips Thena’s suddenly frail hand with two of hers. She lowers her ears to Thena’s lips.

T. [inaudible]

Seer screams and jumps to her feet.

S. No! No, please. No, not that! Never!!

Weeping and wailing, Seer runs off into the darkness.
While Wisdom lays dying in the light.

To be continued

Preparing to See God’s Glory


We long for God’s radiant glory
But rarely remember
How much it terrifies
Those who experience it

Maybe we need
To build up our endurance
By training our eyes
Or our hearts
To see the depths of our sin
And His grace

So that we can bear to be around Him
And ourselves
When He appears

TGR-S2E4 Teaching Repentance


We continue this Season’s focus on The Great Reset of Education at Tuesday 6/9, 1 PM Pacific. In particular, we are wrestling with hard questions of justice and repentance in light of the recent killing of George Floyd.

The Great Reset, Season 2, Episode 4

Question: How do we teach people where they need to repent?

  • What should followers of Jesus condemn?
  • What would that require us to tolerate?


  1. Judging others from a position of Power
  2. Judging behavior from a position of Authority
  3. Judging ourselves from a position of Vulnerability
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The Virtue and Emotion Pride


One of the most controversial aspects of Knight Club is that it treats pride (“By Myself”) like anger (“Not Fair”): an emotion which is prone to sin, but is not necessarily a sin — and can even be a virtue.

While it is true that the vast majority of Bible verses mention pride in the context of sin, a number acknowledge its positive role. Here are some that are often translated using the word “pride.”
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LEAD! C.5 Studying Scripture


boIn Which Diligently Searching God’s Word Leads Us to Truth

Few disciplines are as essential — or as dangerous! — as studying the words and works of God. Used in the wrong spirit, theology can become a heavy burden or a useless distraction (cf. Matthew 23:4). But when taught by the Holy Spirit, God’s word becomes the very source of life itself (cf. Luke 4:4). The challenge to us, as to Timothy, is whether we will apply God’s word rightly

Memory Verse: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”2 Timothy 2:15 (NKJV)

Assigned Reading
  1. Richard Foster: Celebration of Discipline

    • 5. Study
  2. Donald Whitney: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

    • 2. Bible Intake (Part I)
  3. Eugene Peterson: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

    • 6. Help: “Oh, Blessed Be God! He Didn’t Go Off & Leave Us!”
  4. Ruth Haley Barton: Sacred Rhythms

    • 3. Scripture: Encountering God Through Lectio Divina

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LEAD! B.5 From Pride to Humility


In Which We Humble Ourselves Before God and Our Elders, Who Exalt Us

This week we shift our study of wisdom from the “theological virtues” (faith, hope, and love) to what might be called the “blessed virtues” from the Beatitudes. We will follow Peter Kreeft (below) in contrasting them with the Seven Deadly Sins, beginning with Humility vs. Pride:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” — Matthew 5:3

Pride is the first and deadliest of the deadly sins. It can be defined as “trusting our own name rather than God’s” — relying on our own character and identity as the ultimate authority.

In contrast, humility is recognizing the painful fact of our own poverty of spirit, so that we empty ourselves in order to receive our heavenly King.

Assigned Reading
  1. Peter Kreeft: Back to Virtue

    • 6. The Beatitudes Confront the Seven Deadly Sins
    • 7. Poor in Spirit vs. Proud at Heart
  2. Dick Hockett: Foundations of Wisdom
    • 8. Pride, Humility, and the Fear of the Lord
    • 3.2 (Truth) Example: Proverbs about the Tongue

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LEAD! Part B: Christian Character


As mentioned earlier, the LEAD! Bible Study is a tripod, built on three legs:

  • theological education
  • character formation
  • skill development

Having finished writing the lessons for Part A, we now turn out attention to the second trimester (which the class will start in January). This blog post is for the initial outline; as before, the final version will be part of the living syllabus at https://2transform.us/lead/
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Stoned, Part II: Un-Stoned


Continued from “Three Stones“…

[I open my eyes. I am lying with my head on Jesus lap. I am a child, perhaps a tween. We are in a garden — beneath the cross. It is early morning, but already hot. A light mist blows from somewhere, cooling us. It is very peaceful and secure.  I could lie here forever with my Jesus.]

Good morning, Ernie.

Good morning, Jesus.

How are you feeling?

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