10/18 Poem: Pre-Pare


To live the life that we dare
We must be willing to share
The woundedness God must repair
As we let Him our ego pare

For life in this world makes us hard
And so our souls are forced to shard
As we hide self behind guard
So nobody knows we are scarred

The promise the cross claims is true
Is unblemished life we accrue
As He with His spirit imbue
Hearts not just re-pared, but made new

10/6 Poem: Word Works


The work of God’s Word
Is that He be heard
By which I mean
That we can be seen

The point of His letter
Is to love Him better
By helping me see
Just how He loves me

This sounds very nice
But hides a steep price
For what He wants most
Is I give up my ghost!

I cannot tell a lie:
God wants me to die
So I can be more
Like the One I adore

This is the truth
He’s shown us since Ruth:
My world must be torn
So that Christ can be born

The craziest part
Is that this is the start
Of how God heals my heart
With His Word torn apart