5/18 Limerick: Hole Heart


Instead, one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water flowed out.

John 19:34

Lord I wanna have “hole heart”
So I am living a new start
When from me sin pours
I’m free to be yours
Where nothing will ever tear us apart

Today I will un-guard my heart — the right way!

5/11 Limericks: Space Maker


I wanna be a space maker
So I don’t become a heart-breaker
Help me take the time
For reason and rhyme
Lest I end up a Christ-faker

This world can be busy as hell
We all end up slaves to the bell
Unless I dare ask
Whether this task
Is more important than being well

Christ carried His peace in His heart
So maybe that’s where I should start
When my soul is true
I make space for you
Together, a new path we’ll chart

Today I will make space
For God to renew
What I fear to let go

Ernie’s Principle Stack

  1. Love the Lord my God with:
    1. ALL my heart: Desire / Intent
    2. ALL my soul: Emotion / Reaction
    3. ALL my mind: Thoughts / Words
    4. ALL my strength: Acts / Choices
  2. Love my Family as I love my Self
  3. Love my Others as Jesus loved me [was 5]
  4. Engage with the World to do the above better
  5. Make Disciples who do the above through the Power of the Cross
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