Anjali’s Catechism: A Childlike Invitation to Spiritual Christianity


Anjali’s Catechism: The Book is coming in Summer 2019.  Preview now.

The Invitation

Are you ready to:

  1. Embrace the One who created the universe as the Heavenly Father who loves you like Jesus?
  2. Submit your awareness, values, and goals to becoming more like Christ’s?
  3. Receive God’s Spirit, Word, and Body to reveal and heal the wounds in your spirit that hinder you from becoming like Jesus?
  4. Value God’s happiness, glory, and relationships more than your own?
  5. Practice generosity and vulnerability so others can see Christ in you?
  6. Surrender childlike happiness for the grown-up joy of loving like Jesus?


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Christian Elementary Schools in the South Bay – 2013 Open Houses


My son Rohan is now “4 and 3/5ths” and will be graduating from Hearts and Hands Christian Preschool in the fall.  We are wrestling with which school he should attend next.  The primary criteria are:

  1. Christian formation
  2. Academic challenge
  3. Convenient location

This appears to be Open House season, so I need to compile a list of candidates to start scheduling and ranking them.  I figured I might as well do it online in case others find it useful or have suggestions.
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LEAD! Part A: Thinking Theo-Logically


The LEAD! Bible Study is a tripod, built on three legs:

  • theological education
  • character formation
  • skill development

While these roughly correspond to three 12-week “trimesters”, the larger goal is to incorporate all three aspects in each and every segment. The question thus becomes, what is the most effective way to integrate theological truth into the lives of lay leaders?

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LEAD! Leadership Enrichment and Development


[Or maybe: Leadership Equipping And Development]

Good news! My pastor bought off on my proposal breaking next year’s Leadership Training into three 12-week semesters, structured as a focused bible study. We are using “LEAD!” as the working title. The initial draft syllabus is below.

The catch is that I am signed up to produce all these (though once we nail down the outline, perhaps I can get others to fill in specific pieces). I suppose I’ll start by just blogging appropriate bible studies and going from there. At least I have until September…

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CTE Light: Imago Christi


In my Rules of War, I assert that the most important challenge is to “Know your Objective” — i.e., understand where you are going. Earlier, I stated that The Purpose of Comprehensive Theological Education was:

to equip leaders for a lifelong journey of bringing their “whole selves” (heart, soul, mind & strength) and “whole worlds” (family, church, community & marketplace) into ever-increasing alignment with God’s purpose (redemption, kingdom & glory).

There’s a more concise way to phrase that: conforming to the image of Christ, aka “Imago Christi”. I consider this the central tenet and purpose of Comprehensive Theological Education. Over time (I have no idea when), I hope to fill in other ‘CTE Lights’. Stay tuned…