Redeeming Animism, Part 3: Sneaky Snake


Continued from Part 2


I stare at Sminthus the god of mice, and Qhuinn the coyote-cum-cocker spaniel, the beginnings of my rag-tag army seeking to overthrow the Gates of Hell.

Earnest: So, let me get this straight. You’re saying “all” I need to do is come up with a plan that is literally impossible for Satan to believe would work, because that unbelief is central to him being Satan?

Coyote: Not at all!

Earnest: Whew! You mean I completely misunderstood you, and there’s another way?

Sminthus: No, he means that’s not “all” you have to do. You also have to offer yourself as bait, like Jesus did with the cross.

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Dream: Dark Depths


“It is almost like there is a concerted effort

To destroy our communication
By someone who understands our weakness
Better than we do ourselves!”

A friend of ours has disappeared
Along with our greatest treasure
The good news is that we know where
The bad news is that it’s at the bottom of the ocean

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