Death, Part I: I Am Crucified With Christ


Hi God.

“Hi Ernie.”

Is it time? To die?

“Always. Every day is a good day to die.”

Tell me what I must do

“Place your happiness and your life here on the altar, then step away.”

Shouldn’t I tie it down?

“You cannot tie cords so tight you cannot untie them. Only I can do that.”

Very well. Father, I give you my life, my happiness, my will and myself. [laying it on the altar]. I will do only that which I see you doing; when I do not see, I will ask and wait.

“Do you mean that with your whole heart?”

Probably not. But I mean it with all the heart I have, and can give. I give up the right to fight my own battles, or even to pick them. The right to defend myself, and shame my enemies. The right to, well, do whatever I want. What I want; the right to make independent decisions that are heedless of God’s desires.

All this and more, I give to you, O my God.

“That is enough. Now step away.”

[Read More] for my experience of being crucified with Christ.

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